Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

Last Updated: May 17th, 2011

Hemorrhoid symptoms can be identified by rectal itching, pain and burning sensation. Most people ignore it since it affects in the private region of the body that people are not comfortable discussing about and they suppress till the problem worsens. But it is possible to treat haemorrhoids with home remedies and following them is pretty simple too. But before starting on home remedies be sure that there has been no bleeding, then the problem can still be cured by simple home remedies. Hemorrhoid home treatment can be followed by changing your diet that includes high fibre content and of course drinking plenty of water rids your body of many impurities as well stabilises the body against different health problems.

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Supplements that are fibre rich also can be taken which give laxative effect apart from that some food that are good in treating Hemorrhoid are wheat bran, papaya, red and black currents, bananas, pomegranate. Wheat bran is good for curing haemorrhoid because it is made up of insoluble fibre. Eating foods that have fibre or roughage helps to avoid constipation and stomach troubles. Fibre helps the food to pass through the colon with ease. The following are the list of foods and to dos that you can follow for a Hemorrhoid home treatment:

  • Cereals or Bran - these food categories are rich in fibre, very good for the colon as it helps in easing the digestion process, but cereal or bran should be increased in the diet gradually or excessive consuming can upset the stomach.

  • Red or black currents - for relieving the pain and the irritation in the rectal region, which may be experienced while suffering from hemorrhoids, the minerals and a special glycoside called rutin which is sometimes even called vitamin p, present in the currents help with the pain and irritation.

  • Papaya - this fruit cures many digestion related problems and it is rich in fibre too.

  • Bananas - this is also a fibre rich fruit but it is necessary to steam the fruit before consuming it. The benefit received is good if it is steamed.

  • Pomegranat e- the pomegranate juice can be drunk and the treatment will be from inside but it can be directly applied to the affected area.

There are some more things you can follow like using ice packs; it is the cheapest form of remedy but none the less very helpful. Another is to soak the rectal region in a tub of warm water for around ten or twenty minutes, and it is very effective if it can be done twice or thrice a day but avoid using rough material to dry yourself, using baby wipes or soft towel is a good idea. If this Hemorrhoid home treatment is followed for four weeks straight then it will show good results.

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